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    sözleri de şöyle olan Nightfall In Middle-Earth albümünden bir Blind Guardian eseri.(#1065329)

    Blood is on your hands
    Your bane's
    A tearful destiny

    Black clouds will carry
    Rain of blood
    I've seen it rain

    We were lost
    On grinding ice
    In fear and hunger
    Dead winter reigned
    In Araman

    (You) can't escape
    From my damnation
    (Nor) run away
    From isolation

    Guilty spoke the one
    THis deed can't be undone
    Hear my words
    Fear my curse

    I know where the stars glow
    (And the) sky's unclouded
    Sweet the water runs my friend
    (But) Noldor
    Blood is on your hands
    Tears unnumbered
    You will shet and dwell in pain

    Your homeless souls
    Shall come to me
    There's no release
    Slain you might be
    Slain you will be
    Slain you will be
    And the lost
    Who will not reach the
    House of spirits
    (Will) grow old and weary




    I've seen this bitter end
    As I've foreseen
    The storm and ice
    And I could see it
    (How) a million died
    And I?
    The blame's on me
    Cause I was not there




    Dead winter reigns
    And tomorrow's still unknown
    Condemned and betrayed
    Now everything is said
    See my eyes
    Are full of tears
    And a cruel price
    We've paid
    But still I can't claim
    That I'm innocent

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