the mindmaker

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    who dares to care when affection's all we need
    who dares to bare what the others have to feel
    i put my trust in a prominent machine
    feel no pain and don't you dare to make a scene

    the search for truth's just moving' on
    everybody wants a piece,
    denying the sound of their restless song
    keep your eye on where you've gone
    i don't think that you belong. escaping reality
    won't set your judgement free.
    who'll hide to find the ultimate belief
    who'll ride the kind of perpetual disease
    i thought that still every breath i take is free
    i was so wrong they'll make a profit out of me

    when you've lost your power
    you drag yourself down
    in times like these. you are here to devour
    now you feel so numb.

    "god i feel so numb"

    so! eternal cold! infernal
    so! dispersal. one more time.
    so! eternal cold! infernal
    so! dispersal. it rules your mind
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