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    elliott smith'in uyuşturucu* üzerine yazdığı her halinden belli olan güzel şarkısı.

    keep your things in a place meant to hide
    but i know they're there somewhere
    and i know that's where you'll go tonight
    i'll be thrown over just like before
    the white lady loves you more
    need a metal man just to pick up your feet
    it's a long time since you cared enough for me to even be discrete
    i know what this metal is for
    the white lady loves you more
    i'm looking at a hand full of broken plans
    and i'm tired of playing it down
    you just want her to do anything for you
    there ain't nothing that you won't allow
    you wake up in the middle of the night
    from a dream you won't remember flashing on like a cop's light
    you say she's waiting and i know what for
    the white lady loves you more
    the white lady...
    1 ... louis cyphre
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    paranoid park filminin sonlarina dogru calan guzel bir sarki. elliott smith albumundendir.
    ... bilmem
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    Son zamanlarda en çok dinlediğim şarkı.
    ... ben bundy nin kirik kalbiyim