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    in flames özentisi grubun * yine in flames özentisi klibinin adıdır.kilpteki olaylar zinciri grup üyelerinin birbirini tartaklaması ile başlayıp dövmesiyle sona erer.
    2 -1 ... dave mustaine
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    (bkz: sen dalarsan ben de dalarım abi)
    1 ... brksbc
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    soilwork un figure number five albümünden bir parçası. sözleri:

    i'm the result of an ageless redemption
    a body with a heartless convention
    a face with a smile that's been shut down for years
    facing the facts of my generation...cause
    i'm a sinner, a winner, my blood is getting thinner
    i might as well get another life cause i've been there
    i know what's been said and i know what's been done
    don't you tell me i'm the only one, cause i...

    i will be there looking for something
    coming straight out of nothing, just killing time
    facing those walls so black, so vile
    i really am waiting for nothing
    coming straight out of something, just killing time
    facing those walls so black, so vile

    now put your trust in a solid machine
    filled with words that have never been seen
    a plague to insatiable souls left to die
    charged with mankind's raw energy
    i rumble, i stumble
    my memory starts to crumble
    i can't refuse what's haunting my dreams
    have i stumbled?
    on my way to a created perfection
    i penetrate the gates of rejection

    there's no determination, echoes of a failed gallery
    there's yet extermination, inside us all screaming
    ... st27