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    gustav holst'un ünlü the planets suitinden mars bringer of the war'ın introsunun kullanıldığı nile parçası. sözleri de şöyle:

    Wretched Fallen one of Khatti
    Rise against the oppressing Sword
    Encircled Abandoned Alone
    I Smite the vile Hittite Foe

    My Father Amon what carest Thee
    For the Vile and Ignorant of God
    My Father Amon what carest Thee
    For these Effeminate ones
    At millions of whom I groweth not Pale

    Raging like Menthu like Baal in his Hour
    Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me
    I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh
    I slay I hew to pieces and cast to the ground
    The royal snake upon my brow
    Spits forth Fire in the face of mine enemies
    And Burneth their Limbs

    My Chariot Wheels trample the Fallen
    Cut to pieces before my Steeds
    And laying
    In their own Blood
    I Crush the Skulls of the Dying
    And Sever the hands of the Slain
    I Ramses
    Builder of Temples
    Usurper of Monuments Slayer of Hittites
    Bringer of War
    ... melkor