1. 1.
    seance albumunun acilisi olan dark fortress parcasi.

    in mysterious ways your soul sinks down
    as eerie constellations told of it before
    this time you cannot hide
    a maelstrom of inhuman fears
    and the only way goes down... down... down...
    gone days of phantasmagoria
    welcome to the necromantic gallery
    where nightmares become so real
    and souls are stigmatized with the sign of impurity
    misshapen silhouettes so awake
    black faces and only shades of grey
    distorted incarnations
    and prayers for aeons unheard
    in wastelands of delusion
    desolation all around
    welcome to the promised land
    where no single beam of light ever touched the ground
    life eternal in a traumatic fade
    believe me this is not a dream
    these dead eyes you are gazing at are yours
    call it heaven, call it hell...
    this is where the restless dwell!
    ... revolter00
  2. 2.
    insanin sikinin keyfine gore degerlendirmeler yapmaktansa, gercekleri yuzune vurur.

    ... revolter00