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    ragnarok un 2004 çıkışlı blackdoor miracle albümünün 8. şarkısı.


    Embraced by darkness
    I hear creatures so lifeless
    Laugh at me
    I feel the wings of death
    Reach out for me
    I smell its breath a smell of evil
    Cold air twist my skin
    The pulse of infinity chokes me

    Bless thee for granting me pain
    For blinding my eyes
    And cleansing my mind
    immortalize my soul

    Mirror so divine
    Show me my dreams
    Drams of hate
    Where the blood
    Of my enemies is spilled
    make them real

    As I scream in pain
    My final scream
    My being dissolves
    And fills the emptiness
    Now I am all
    I am the hate in man
    Blood spilled in my name
    in sacrifice
    Feeds my hordes
    To carry out my dreams.
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