1. 1.
    Hail To the Thief 13. $arkısıdır.Diğer adı as dead as leaves'dir.

    i'm walking out in a force ten gale.
    birds thrown around, bullets for hail.
    the roof is pulling off by its fingernails.
    your voice is rattling/rapping on my window sill

    yesterday's headlines blown by the wind.
    yesterday's people end up scatterbrain.
    any fool can easy pick a hole. (i only wish i could fall in)
    a moving target in a firing range.

    somewhere i'm not
    as dead as leaves
    lightning fuse
    somewhere i'm not.
    1 ... radiohead
  2. 2.
    akli kari$ik..

    jeff beck'in blow by blow albümünden süper eser! *
    ... little girl in bloom
  3. 3.
    bir yer
    sersem seni...
    ... radiohead
  4. 4.
    diğer adı as dead as leaves olan şarkı.
    1 ... kbbs
  5. 5.
    instrumental versiyonu adam öldüren.

    ... primm