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    Hierarchy ve astral majesty albümlerindeki harika tunrida parçası.

    Apathy's my only friend when fallilng to this trance
    Beautiful yet sad is the inner demons' dance
    Everything is still unclear but do I even care?
    Faint memories are all that's left of what once were...

    As I gaze at the stars I can feel the Cosmos calling me
    But alas, the paths leading there are hidden.....

    Though my heart still senses this astral affection
    My soul is yearning to another direction
    My mind is ripped apart in this battle that won't cease
    Finally I ask myself, who will give me my peace..?

    The answer was Death and I gratefully accepted it

    Ah, still no rest was granted to me
    But it matters not anymore for now I see
    The cosmos is finally open to me
    I step on the path that only my eyes can see....
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