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    paradise lost'un shades of god albümünde bulunan 3. şarkı

    Pain... is what we are waiting for
    Lying deep in comfort, I awake now
    I cannot believe this tale
    I cannot believe the echoes... or your petty lies

    Take away our world, thrown into the stars
    Take away our world, worship all that's ours

    Cry at echoes in your heart
    Lying in the ocean until the end of time
    Solitude embracing us
    Suicide our hearts embrace
    Life and death become the race

    Take away the world, hold it to the sky
    Take away the world, pity your demise

    Array of fear, controls me now
    And I cry - in dark despair

    Take me away
    Take away our world
    Take me away
    Take away our world
    #753079 :)

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