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    anthrax'in piyasa balladlar yazarak meşhur olan gruplarlarla taşşak geçtiği mükemmel şarkısı. attack of the killer bees albümünde yer alır. kıza çarpan kamyon sonrası grubun aldığı ağlamaklı hal iç acıtıyor. *


    We fell in love at first sight
    I can't explain the feelings
    When I first saw you
    We were so so happy
    A lifetime of love sweet honey child
    You'll always be mine
    But then I played the fool
    I never meant to hurt you
    Or sleep with all your friends
    We reconciled we found ourselves
    Our love was meant to be
    Oh baby can't you see


    You left me standing in the mud
    Crying to myself
    A heart so full of pain
    But we fell in love again
    This time forever
    True love prevails over all
    She got hit by a truck

    (Joey, get me some tissue)

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