1. 1.
    sevilmesi gereken ex-solistli grubun sevilesi sarkisi.
    ... aftermath
  2. 2.
    son 5 gündür aralıksız dinlediğim şahane guano apes şarkısıdır. sözleri de şöyledir:

    We slept a while
    to turn it off
    and get it out of our minds
    I slept a while
    to get it all
    it seems alright
    to find a place without a single lie
    where is the night
    we ran into

    Nothing is good
    I can't explain
    falling down and caught up the rain
    I turn myself into changes
    the night I kissed you goodbye
    (your death is over)

    You want to live a lie
    and I'm pretty in scarlet
    come on
    you want to wash it down
    and I'm pretty in scarlet
    I turn myself to say goodbye

    It's o.k.
    it doesn't count
    found my place
    a deeper sound
    let me dive alone

    You gave me wine
    to poison me
    and take away my time
    I can hear you cry
    I wonder why

    And if you throw a stone on me
    I'm pretty in scarlet
    and if you need some pain to see
    I'm pretty in scarlet
    and if you live your lies
    I will run
    2 ... woodstockg
  3. 3.
    son günlerde gene gelip de dile dolanandır. hoştur, güzeldir, candır.

    ... poisonx