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    bir cornerstone parçası, sözleri:

    let the flood surround me
    my skin is dry as fire
    all this mud within me
    makes me feel like a soul survivor

    and if the light will guide me
    to a place just a little bit higher
    i ll pray my faith won t leave me
    as i walk on this endless wire

    it seems so real
    and it feels
    like i m fading slowly

    give me something to believe in
    all my tools have a strange way of leaving
    i feel my veins are bleeding
    tell me why time keeps slipping

    it s in the air that i m breathing
    it s in this holy ball of mud, i m kicking
    i m getting tired of that feeling
    i ll save my prayer for the living

    i walked on the water
    and i could feel the sand beneath me
    i need some time to - understand
    and i came close to - who i am

    hey you are you listening
    it ain t much i ll beg and ask for
    through the years i ve been digging
    but i guess you ve seen it all before

    now my ship is sinking
    every breath brings me closer to the wall
    it s in the cards i ve been givin';
    please be there when the final curtains fall
    ... kidd