1. 1.
    güneş sistemi içerisinde yaratılmış en iyi -her bakımdan- şarkı.
    1 ... for the greater good of maiden
  2. 2.
    piece of mind albümünen çok şık bir iron maiden eseri.
    1 -1 ... david addison
  3. 3.
    black clouds and silver linings'te dream theater tarafından coverlanmış iron maiden eseri.
    ... a kare kok uc bolu dort
  4. 4.
    ayrıca maiden heaven tribute albümünde de dream theater coverlamıştır. harika çalmışlardır, dinlenesidir.
    ... idioglossia
  5. 5.
    piece of mind albümünün the trooper'dan sonraki en güzel şarkısı. aynı zamanda son parçası. sözlerini vereyim de tam olsun;

    He is the King of all the land
    In the Kingdom of the sands
    Of a time tomorrow.

    He rules the sand worms and the Fremen
    In the land amongst the stars
    Of an age tomorrow.

    He is destined to be a King
    He rules over everything
    On the land called planet Dune.

    Bodywater is your life
    And without in you would die
    On the desert the planet Dune.

    Without a stillsuit you would fry
    On the sands so hot and dry
    In a world called Arrakis.

    It is a land that's rich in spice
    The sandriders and the 'mice'
    That they call the 'Muad' Dib'.

    He is the Kwizatz Haderach.
    He is born of Caladan
    And will take the Gom Jabbar.

    He has the power to foresee
    Or to look into the past
    He is the ruler of the stars.

    The time will come for him
    to lay claim his crown,
    And then the foe yes
    they'll be cut down,
    You'll see he'll be the
    best that there's been,
    Messiah supreme
    true leader of men,
    And when the time
    for judgement's at hand,
    Don't fret he's strong
    and he'll make a stand,
    Against evil the fire
    that spreads through the land,
    He has the power
    to make it all end
    1 ... catatonic
  6. 6.
    (bkz: aquiles priester)


    (bkz: yazarların hayallerindeki davullar)
    ... double cross