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    nightwish'in 1998 tarihli oceanborn albümünün dokuzuncu parcasi.

    sözlerini de copy paste yapayim tam olsun :

    "Get away from me!
    Take heed to thyself and see my face no more!
    for in the day Thou see my face
    Thou shalt die!"
    - Exodus 10:28

    A constellation of divine architecture built on Earth
    A holy harbour - Orion
    Nautical ascension to the firmament

    Ship-shaped barrows open my heart to the wisdom of this land
    Sailing with the Serpent Chimera of a fiendish sandman

    The Unicorn arrives with the westwind to dream His funeral
    "Thou art born for Horus dwells in Thee"

    Slumbering with the ebb and the flow of this foaming tomb
    "Thou art born for Seteh dwells in Thee"

    Reveal your face to me and guide me through the Stygian fields
    Enthral my soul to Sepedet's beams to serve Your will

    Sailing on the distant seas from darkness to deliverance
    Tales like the ocean written to the Draco's glance

    Ruling with the scythe of death you tear our philosophies apart
    An ancient starwalk to merge into the stars

    "Open thy veins for my venom
    Kiss the cobras with thy twisted tongue
    So shalt thou join the empyrean circus
    Where beggars mourn and seraphs dance
    In this twilight cathedral
    Shall I wed thee,
    O Bride of the Netherworld"

    Sailing on the distant seas...

    Join my soul the Hunter in the sky
    ... aftermath