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    I used to think that life's a game
    Meant to play then fade away
    And take the journey slow
    To the twilight of my days
    Now my thoughts are so alive
    I'll die trying to turn back the hands of time
    I'm not sure what I found
    Broken free from the
    Self-created problems inside
    I never had a reason to want to carry on
    Watch the night begin to fly
    You see a strange light from within
    Don't try to fight it when you're feeling lost
    And drained completely
    Because of where you've been
    In the middle of nowhere
    You sat and watched from underneath
    All the weight of broken years
    Then along the way the nights
    Left you shaking ever near
    To the end that you desired
    When you lost the fire the line was very clear
    And all the things that I've found
    Melting away like the rain that never
    Seems to stop I never had a reason to doubt
    You would carry on
    Watch the night begin to fly...
    Never look back, understand
    Don't fade away and let it slip from your hands
    I don't know how to feel
    I don't know how to deal
    Bound and stripped of all I really know
    Pieces of the afterthoughts
    When you saw that all was lost
    There's nowhere to go this time
    Now you finally know the cost
    I can't save you from your thoughts
    (bkz: In the middle of nowhere)
    1 ... pulera
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    şarkının sonundaki kanonun başlamısıyla birlikte, akıllara savatage'ı getiren muhteşem şarkı. herşeyiyle kusursuz.
    ... tornado of souls