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    ragnarok un 2004 çıkışlı blackdoor miracle albümünün 3. şarkısı.


    From evils passed
    Evil is yet to come
    Embodied in a child
    Festers a black soul
    Gradually eating the mind
    Rebirth of ancient horrors
    The many - now as one!

    Tearing himself to pieces
    The bringer of light turned black
    Man arose from his ashes
    To one day bring Lucifer back

    A soul so old in a boy so sweet
    He mocked the ones who would steal and cheat
    Pretty mischiefs were not for him
    Lambs of God and pitiful Nazarene
    Such disgraceful spawn of the One so great
    The time had come to undo foul life,
    Soulless flesh so much to waste!

    Princes of murder were gathered in him
    Souls of the damned - melted to one
    Patient yet strong they molded his heart
    Years to build what moments could ruin
    He would trample the earth
    With death in his path
    Rekindling the light
    With each life he puts out.
    ... vurursa gol olur

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