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    orphaned land'in saharaalbümünün üçüncü şarkısı..

    deliver the love out from your body
    grieving nights to you, i'm hard as stone
    bodies sweat in the heat of the moon
    after you're gone i'll be all alone

    drinking the fluid of love
    eternally my beloved ones sweat purple wine

    especially when i need a woman like you
    to help me to pass the night through
    and reaching foreign shores
    then you're closing the doors

    the research for pleasure brought me to this
    now you're gone i'm as cold as ice

    "if ye love god then follow me"
    "god will forgive to him your plea"

    lord i die, god hear my cry
    you left me all alone
    to myself i now mourn
    the light of the dark is the morning of the dawn
    ... chanson de roland
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    hayvani gitar riffleri içeren orphaned land şarkısı.

    (bkz: damardan girmek)
    ... arson
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    son anında giren riff'ini, orphaned land konserlerinde veda riff'i olarak kullanır. tüm seyirciler ellerini sağa-sola ahenkle sallarken yossi riff'i girer ve kobi o isavari sesiyle bizi nirvanaya ulaştırır.


    ... worldisblack