bu konuda fikrin mi var? buraya entry ekle. üye ol
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    sentenced'ın down albümündeki 8. şarkı. miika tenkula* tarafından bestelenmiş olup sami lopakka ve ville laihiala tarafından yazılmış sözleri şöyledir:
    Looking down through clouds of iron
    at the shattered remains of the world
    New bays on coasts, new land in the sea
    Deserts of ash... on Death Row Earth

    Open your eyes to realize...
    Your source of life exists no more
    Pale obsolete is the whole of me
    but yet I feel more than ever before

    So came our time - the time that lasts forever
    and through the death we frolic endlessly
    Too many years of pain and sorrow
    I hope my life leaves me be... dead

    Emotions which I kept are no longer in my head
    'cause all the words I said, they showed...
    I was dying to be dead

    Close your eyes to see why the dark desire
    tempts my soul, oh my friend
    Come, listen to my mind and feel the fire
    This is the Ode to the End

    Don't hold your sight - I know there's no heaven
    I believe we all have our personal Hell
    and don't be scared, take death with open arms
    and you'll feel so warm and peacefull...
    ... daemonymph