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    bir lindisfarne şarkısı...

    Hey mr dreamseller, where have you been,
    tell me have you dreams i can see?
    I came along, just to bring you this song,
    Can you spare one dream for me?

    You won't have met me, and you'll soon forget me,
    so don't mind me tugging at your sleeve.
    I'm asking you, if i can fix a rendezvous.
    For your dreams are all I believe.

    Meet me on the corner when the lights are coming on,
    and i'll be there, i promise i'll be there.
    Down the empty streets we'll disappear until the dawn
    if you have dreams enough to share.

    Lay down your bundles, of rags and reminders,
    and spread your wares on the ground.
    Well I've got time, if you deal in rhyme,
    I'm just hanging around.
    ... nocturnal concerto
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    asmerkez'deki corner fastfood mekanında buluşalım demektir. in english
    ... nobetciekipleramiri