bu konuda fikrin mi var? buraya entry ekle. üye ol
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    And a man sat alone.drenched deep in saness. and all the animals drew near to hım and said. we do not like to see you so sad. ask us for whatever you wısh and you shall have ıt. the man said: I want to have goog sight. the vulture replied to you shall have mine. the man said: Iwant to be strong. the jaguar said: you shall be strong like me. the man said: I long to know the secrets of the eart. the serpent replied : I will show them to you. and sait went with all the animals. and when the man had all the gifts that they could give. he left. then the owl said to the other anımals. now the man knows much and is able to do many thıngs the deer said: the man has all that he needs...
    2 ... darkrose