1. 1.
    sheer heart attack albümünden dinlendirici bir queen şarkısı.

    l am forever searching high and low
    but why does everybody tell me no
    neptune of the seas
    any answer for me please
    the lily of the valley doesn't know

    l lie in wait with open eyes
    l carry on through stormy skies
    l follow every course
    my kingdom for a horse
    but each time l grow old
    serpent of the nile
    relieve me for a while
    and cast me from your spell and let me go

    messenger from seven seas has flown
    to tell the king of rhye he's lost his throne
    wars will never cease
    is there time enough for peace?
    the lily of the valley doesn't know
    #627149 :)
  2. 2.
    (bkz: balzac)
    #627434 :)
  3. 3.
    Honore De Balzac'un bir romanı
    Türkçesi: (bkz: vadideki zambak)
    #627509 :)
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    değeri bilinmemiş kısacık bir freddie mercury hikayesi.
    #13040434 :)
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    türkçesinin aynı zamanda inci çiçeği ya da müge olduğu söylenmektedir.
    #13128085 :)