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    Technology has now created the possibility and even likelihood of a global culture. The Internet, fax machines, satellites and cable Tv are sweeping away cultural boundaries. Therefore the development of technology creates “the image of the globe as a single place” For exemple, Global entertainment companies shape the perceptions and dreams of ordinary citizens, wherever they live. As Tomlinson’s suggests, globalizations might dispose us “towards an ongoing dialogue within both ourselves and with distanced cultural others”.
    The current digital technology has caused many changes in all areas of television. Television has the greatest influence on the general public. Television, which has an enormous influence on the audience, bears a great responsability for the education of people espically for the younger generation. Television should be used to bring people closer to human values and culture. In the rush for ratings, cultural and educational television broadcast are totally ignored and this is the danger, which could be expanded by the televisual globalization. Conclusively, as the risk has become a certainity, we must note that the danger of the televisual globalizaton is not only the uniformization of culture, as stated by the researches, but also the total obliteration of culture. The televisiual globalization, as the social theorists argue, may lead to loss of identity, uniformity of taste and cultural values
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