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    ragnarok un 2004 çıkışlı blackdoor miracle albümünün 9. şarkısı.


    Poisoned veins...
    Inhale the scent - inhale no more
    Mind silenced...

    Exhale your death
    Birth of fire
    Close your eyes no longer a liar
    Flesh forgotten now body of light
    Ether betrodden earth out of sight

    The ocean purple spirits of the past
    Spells of vengeance on mankind we cast

    Floating on a black sea
    Drink the poisoned water.
    Drowning, leaving life
    Senses fading, emotions dying.
    I enter a void a void filled with voices.
    Seal the blackened surface - no return.

    Fumbling in emptiness
    Learn to enjoy it s infinity,
    Becoming part of it joining evil voices
    Inhaling the powers divine.

    Can never again taste
    The sweet pain of death.
    My paragon realm
    Among shapeless ones.
    So cold,
    So dark.
    So endless...
    ... vurursa gol olur

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