1. 1.
    a sıfat adjective adv zarf adverb det belirteç determiner
    c bağlaçlar conjunction n isim noun v fiil verb prep edat preposition
    det the
    v be
    prep of
    conj and
    det a
    prep in
    inf. to
    v have
    pron it
    prep to
    prep for
    pron i
    conj that
    pron you
    pron he
    prep on
    prep with
    v do
    prep at
    prep by
    adv not
    det this
    conj but
    prep from
    pron they
    det his
    det that
    pron she
    conj or
    det which
    conj as
    pron we
    det an
    v say
    mod will
    mod would
    mod can
    conj if
    det their
    v go
    det what
    pron there
    det all
    v get
    det her
    v make
    pron who
    prep as
    adv out
    adv up
    v see
    v know
    n time
    v take
    pron them
    det some
    mod could
    adv so
    pron him
    n year
    prep into
    det its
    adv then
    v think
    det my
    v come
    conj than
    adv more
    prep about
    adv now
    a last
    det your
    pron me
    det no
    a other
    v give
    adv just
    mod should
    det these
    n people
    adv also
    adv well
    det any
    adv only
    a new
    adv very
    conj when
    mod may
    n way
    v look
    prep like
    v use
    pron her
    det such
    adv how
    conj because
    adv when
    adv as
    a good
    v find
    n man
    det our
    v want
    n day
    prep between
    adv even
    adv there
    det many
    det those
    pron one
    prep after
    adv down
    int yeah
    conj so
    n thing
    v tell
    prep through
    adv back
    adv still
    mod must
    n child
    adv here
    prep over
    adv too
    v put
    det own
    adv on
    int no
    v work
    v become
    det more
    a old
    n government
    v mean
    n part
    v leave
    n life
    a great
    adv where
    n case
    n woman
    adv over
    v seem
    det same
    pron us
    n work
    v need
    v feel
    n system
    det each
    v may
    mod might
    adv much
    v ask
    n group
    n number
    int yes
    adv however
    det another
    adv again
    n world
    n area
    v show
    n course
    n company
    mod shall
    prep under
    n problem
    prep against
    adv never
    adv all
    adv most
    n service
    v try
    v call
    n hand
    n party
    a high
    adv about
    pron something
    n school
    adv in
    a small
    n place
    prep before
    adv why
    conj while
    adv away
    v keep
    n point
    n house
    a different
    n country
    adv really
    v provide
    n week
    v hold
    a large
    n member
    adv off
    adv always
    det next
    v follow
    prep without

    v turn
    n end
    prep within
    a local
    conj where
    prep during
    v bring
    det most
    n word
    v begin
    conj although
    n example
    adv next
    n family
    adv rather
    n fact
    v like
    a social
    v write
    n state
    n percent
    adv quite
    det both
    v start
    v run
    a long
    adv right
    v set
    v help
    det every
    n home
    n month
    n side
    n night
    a important
    n eye
    n head
    n information
    n question
    n business
    v play
    n power
    n money
    n change
    v move
    n interest
    n order
    n book
    adv often
    n development
    a young
    a national
    v pay
    v hear
    n room
    conj whether
    n water
    n form
    n car
    n other
    adv yet
    adv perhaps
    v meet
    n level
    conj until
    conj though
    n policy
    v include
    v believe
    n council
    adv already
    a possible
    pron nothing
    n line
    v allow
    n need
    n effect
    a big
    n use
    v lead
    v stand
    n idea
    n study
    n lot
    v live
    n job
    conj since
    n name
    n result
    n body
    v happen
    n friend
    n right
    adv least
    a right
    adv almost
    det much
    v carry
    n authority
    adv long
    a early
    n view

    pron himself
    a public
    adv together
    v talk
    n report
    conj after
    a only
    conj before
    n bit
    n face
    v sit
    n market
    v appear
    v continue
    a able
    a political
    adv later
    n hour
    n rate
    n law
    n door
    n court
    n office
    v let
    n war
    v produce
    n reason
    adv less
    n minister
    n subject
    n person
    n term
    a particular
    a full
    v involve
    n sort
    v require
    v suggest
    a far
    prep towards
    pron anything
    n period
    v consider
    v read
    v change
    n society
    n process
    n mother
    v offer
    a late
    n voice
    adv both
    adv once
    n police
    n kind
    v lose
    v add
    adv probably
    v expect
    adv ever
    a available
    adv no
    n price
    a little
    n action
    n issue
    adv far
    v remember
    n position
    a low
    n cost
    det little
    n matter
    n community
    v remain
    n figure
    n type
    n research
    adv actually
    n education
    v fall
    v speak
    n few
    adv today
    adv enough
    v open
    a bad
    v buy
    n programme
    n minute
    n moment
    n girl
    n age
    n centre
    v stop
    n control
    n value
    v send
    n health
    v decide
    a main
    v win
    v understand
    n decision
    v develop
    n class
    n industry
    v receive
    n back
    det several
    v return
    v build
    v spend
    n force
    n condition
    pron itself
    n paper
    pron themselves
    a major
    prep off
    v describe
    v agree
    a economic
    v increase
    prep upon
    v learn
    a general
    n century
    adv therefore
    n father
    n section
    adv around
    n patient
    n activity
    n road
    n table
    prep including
    n church
    v reach
    a real
    v lie
    n mind
    a likely
    prep among
    n team
    n experience
    n death
    adv soon
    n act
    n sense
    n staff
    a certain
    n student
    det half
    prep around
    n language
    v walk
    v die
    a special
    a difficult
    a international
    adv particularly
    n department
    n management
    n morning
    v draw
    prep across
    v hope
    n plan
    n product
    n city
    adv early
    n committee
    n ground
    n letter
    v create
    n evidence
    n foot
    a clear
    n boy
    n game
    n food
    n role
    n practice
    n bank
    adv else
    n support
    v sell
    n event
    n building
    n range
    prep behind
    a sure
    v report
    v pass
    a black
    n stage
    n meeting
    adv sometimes
    adv thus
    v accept
    n town
    n art
    adv further
    n club
    v cause
    n arm
    n history
    n parent
    n land
    n trade
    v watch
    a white
    n situation
    det whose
    adv ago
    n teacher
    n record
    n manager
    n relation
    a common
    a strong
    n field
    a whole
    a free
    v break
    adv yesterday
    v support
    n window
    n account
    v explain
    v stay
    det few
    v wait
    adv usually
    n difference
    n material
    n air
    n wife
    v cover
    v apply
    n project
    v raise
    n sale
    n relationship
    adv indeed
    n light
    v claim
    v form
    v base
    n care
    pron someone
    pron everything
    adv certainly
    n rule
    adv home
    v cut
    v grow
    a similar
    n story
    n quality
    n tax
    n worker
    n nature
    n structure
    n data
    a necessary
    n pound
    n method
    n unit
    n bed
    a central
    n union
    n movement
    n board
    a true
    int well
    adv simply
    v contain
    n datum
    adv especially
    a open
    a short
    a personal
    n detail
    n model
    v bear
    a single
    v join
    v reduce
    v establish
    pron herself
    n wall
    v face
    a easy
    a private
    n computer
    det former
    n hospital
    n chapter
    n scheme
    n theory
    v choose
    v wish
    n property
    v achieve
    a financial
    a poor
    n officer
    prep up
    n charge
    n director
    v drive
    v deal
    v place
    n approach
    n chance
    n application
    v seek
    conj cos
    a foreign
    prep along
    n top
    n amount
    n son
    n operation
    v fail
    a human
    n opportunity
    itj oh
    a simple
    n leader
    n look
    n share
    n production
    a recent
    n firm
    n picture
    n source
    n security
    prep according
    v serve
    v end
    n contract
    a wide
    v occur
    n agreement
    adv better
    v act
    v kill
    n site
    adv either
    n labour
    v plan
    a various
    prep since
    n test
    v eat
    n loss
    v close
    v represent
    v love
    n colour
    adv clearly
    n shop
    n benefit
    n animal
    n heart
    n election
    n purpose
    n standard
    a due
    v rise
    n secretary
    n date
    a hard
    n music
    n hair
    v prepare
    n factor
    pron other
    pron anyone
    n pattern
    v manage
    n piece
    v discuss
    v prove
    n front
    n evening
    a royal
    n tree
    n population
    a fine
    n plant
    n pressure
    v catch
    n response
    v pick
    n street
    n performance
    n knowledge
    prep despite
    n june
    n design
    n page
    v enjoy
    n individual
    v suppose
    n rest
    2 -4 ... tfcvbg
  2. 2.
    kasmayiniz en cok kullanilan kelime fuck tir.
    6 -1 ... sengitbalikgelsin
  3. 3.
    mate (kanki arkadas falan anlamina gelir, meyt diye okunur)
    ... schreiberbeden
  4. 4.
    1 ... pafküf
  5. 5.
    what is this
    this is a book
    1 ... dokuzhanim
  6. 6.
    Dude, body, ...
    ... mmtyvs
  7. 7.
    (bkz: kullanmış kadar olduk)
    1 ... karga
  8. 8.
    (bkz: bilgi içeren başlık okurken alınan keyif)
    1 ... hugo_emre
  9. 9.
    (bkz: ingilizcede en cok kullanılan kelimeler)
    1 -1 ... looser
  10. 10.
    age sex location
    1 ... intensivecare