bu konuda fikrin mi var? buraya entry ekle. üye ol
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    sentenced'ın down albümündeki 11. şarkı. miika tenkula* tarafından bestelenmiş olup sami lopakka ve ville laihiala tarafından yazılmış sözleri şöyledir:
    I could hear them speaking of those
    "Good Old Days" that never were
    Those hollow containers for souls
    who no longer live there...

    It dwells in my heart, the eternal hate
    To get your share just wait (and see)

    There are no strangers in this world
    only bastards I haven't met
    and my skeptic way of thinking
    turns away the joys they shed

    It dwells in my heart, the eternal rage
    And now I'll blast it on your face!

    I'll throw the First Rock
    - Blacken your world and your sun

    I'll throw the First Rock
    I'll throw the first one
    You'll crumble to the ground
    As I throw the rock that brings you down
    ... daemonymph