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    ragnarok un 2004 çıkışlı blackdoor miracle albümünün 2. şarkısı.


    The infinity of blackness calms me
    I feed in its embrace
    It makes me strong
    Gives me powers beyond life
    I m in a womb - son of darkness
    My throne be the womb
    As my unborn soul is eternal

    Mother eat the light
    Raise me in forever black night.
    And so I swear
    Never to leave this dark
    My kingdom of hate

    Emptiness between the stars
    Black nothing of eternal night
    Granter of unlife - mother of silenced souls
    Sator - Saturnus - Sathanas

    I will never be born
    Forever embryo of blackness
    I inherit the hate
    That dissolves the light and blackens the stars
    In my kingdom of night
    Beginning of time never was and never will be
    For I was there
    And forever am.
    ... vurursa gol olur