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    jewel ın 0304 adlı albümünden bir şarkı.sözler :

    If u want my heart

    U have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart

    'Cause my heart

    Has been hurt a lot

    And it always seems

    Love is not sweet, like in dreams

    Something falls through

    But I don't want that 2 happen 2 me and u


    So be

    Careful, warning

    Fragile heart

    Last Saturday

    We ate dinner at your parents' place

    Last Saturday, u said

    How u feel will not go away

    Well, all the fishes in the sea

    Could not be happier than me


    Only fools believe that

    Nothing changes, nothing leaves

    But I need 2 believe that we at least

    Will have some dignity

    'Cause everything changes

    Nothing stays the same

    But that's no excuse 2 be casual

    Or 2 place the blame

    U have 2 be careful with me
    ... lilith