1. 1.
    (bkz: New World Disorder) (bkz: biohazard)

    Where to run to, where to hide, much to full to swalllow my pride
    But I'm still haunted by something inside as if another part of me
    has died.

    Paralyzed, I close my eyes, the pain inside surrounds me.
    Petrified, life fades away, at the end of my rope I'm waiting.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, empty inside, out of control.
    My heart a void, my empty soul, until it's filled I'll never be whole.
    How did things ever get so bad, sinking empty, full of despair
    I find myself alone and scared, in a world where nobody cares.

    A hopeless end, afraid deep inside
    Relief from my pain, the end a suicide?
    The tears I've cried have left me blind
    I yearb to find peace, a presence of mind
    ... dolayli zarf tumleci