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    cradle of filth e gothic metal diyenlerin tekrar tekrar dinlemesi gereken şarkı. bence aynı zamanda cradle of filth in en iyi parçası. hele mezarlıktan gelen o uğultulu ses ve klavye seslerinden sonraki patlayış ve hızlanış şarkının kalitesini ortaya koymaktadır. sözleri ise şu şekildedir:

    when the sun has wept upon the waveless lake,and the mist steals in with ease. Covened wolves arc their eerie dissonant napes in adoration of the moon and thee.

    "They call as I to thee."

    And I will come as if in a dream, my languid, dark, lustful ,and Malaresian queen. of vengeful ancient breed, gilded with the pelts of many enemies. Erishigal, raven haired, thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair. I can taste thy scent by candlelight, legs of porcelian traced and laced to their lairs. Appease the beast, on spattered sheets, dye unearthy red, as sobriety weeps.

    Nocturnity...she will (shall?) come for me.

    A black velvet painting sprung to elegant life, like a poignant madonna perverted to night. And I have ridden from the westerning light to expend my lust. Tear away the funeral dress, know that I will escape from my death. Surrender to the splendour of her sharpened caress.

    Lo. the pale moonlight weaves a poetic spell of vital death and decline. Kisses to the moth and the hunger inside. Kisses took to the fever and fever, demise.

    Through twilight darkness and moonrise, my scarlet tears will run. AS stolen blood and whispered love of fantasies undone.

    Countess swathed in ebony, and snow white ballectic grace. Rouge filmed lips procure the wish, for lust and her disgrace.

    Dusk and her embrace.

    And we will flit through the shadows, like a dream of werewolves in the snow. Under deadly nightshade still warmed with the kills afterglow.

    Beneath the stars, thy flesh bedevils me. "Beneath the stars, taste the death in me." Bequethe (?) to me thy fiery kiss to sever thin mortality.

    Elisabeth, my heart is thine, thy fragrant words. Warm within like wine.

    "Let me come to thee, with eyes like asphodel. Moon glancing, loose desires free, to writhe under my spell."

    Erishigal, raven haired, thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair. I know thy scent by candleight, immortal flesh i yearn to share. Appease the beast on spattered sheets, dyed malefic red as sobority weeps.

    Nocturnity...she shall come for me.

    Unfurl thy limbs breathless succubus. How the full embosomed fog imparts the night to us.
    ... frozen hopes
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    içinde şu parçaları bulunduran en iyi cradle of filth albümlerinden biri.

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    ... halitkin
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    dani filth in eski sesini özleten parça.
    ... zuhtu memeli