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    Ozzie isimli bir sanatçının kulakları orgasm eden şarkısı. müziğin başlangıcı, ortası, sonu her şeyi şaheser. rahatlatıcı.



    Girl put in work work work
    For this Love Love Love
    I’m giving it all I got
    Stop playing with my heart heart heart
    I don’t know what you want want want
    Is it Love or lust
    Please stop with the game you’re playing
    Don’t play
    Ooo girl, don’t play, don’t play

    I been rollin on my own, all night long, thats when I knew
    I been wasting all this time to get to you to get to you
    I been blowing up your phone, I just wanna talk to you,
    You and I know what you do when you try to cut through my scene
    And I know that you said you’ll make it up to me
    I could stop doin work if you don’t want me babe
    Only if you don’t want me babe, and now I’m all alone
    ... porcupine tree