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    nightwish'in 2004 tarihli once albümünün acilis parcasi.

    sözleri :

    Once I had a dream
    And this is it

    Once there was a child's dream
    One night the clock struck twelve
    The window open wide
    Once there was a child's heart
    The age I learned to fly
    And took a step outside

    Once I knew all the tales
    It's time to turn back time
    Follow the pale moonlight
    Once I wished for this night
    Faith brought me here
    It's time to cut the rope and fly

    Fly to a dream
    Far across the sea
    All the burdens gone
    Open the chest once more
    Dark chest of wonders
    Seen through the eyes
    Of the one with pure heart
    Once so long ago

    The one in the Big Blue is what the world stole from me
    This night will bring him back to me

    Fly to a dream...
    ... aftermath
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    dünyanın en gaz girişlerinden birine sahip parça.
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