1. 1.
    King Crimson'un, "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" adlı albümünden çok hoş bir şarkı.

    If I only could deceive you
    Forgetting the game
    Every time I try to leave you
    You laugh just the same

    cause my wheels never touch the road
    And the jumble of lies we told
    Just returns to my back to weigh me down...

    We lay cards upon the table
    The backs of our hands
    And I swear I like your people
    The boys in the band

    Reminiscences gone astray
    Coming back to enjoy the fray
    In a tangle of night and daylight sounds...

    All completeness in the morning
    Asleep on your side
    Ill be waking up the crewmen
    Banana-boat ride

    She responds like a limousine
    Brought alive on the silent screen
    To the shuddering breath of yesterday...

    Theres the succour of the needy
    Incredible scenes
    Ill believe you in the future
    Your life and death dreams

    As the cavalry of despair
    Takes a stand in the ladys hair
    For the favour of making sweet sixteen...

    You make my life and times
    A book of bluesy saturdays
    And I have to chose...
    ... lync
  2. 2.
    yarım saat olması gerek bu şarkının, tadı damağında kalıyor insanın bu kadar kısa sürünce.
    (bkz: king crimson)
    ... jreverdi
  3. 3.
    mükemmel bir şarkıdır.
    (bkz: john wetton)
    ... sebastianbach