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    Come on!!!

    Grab the bull by the horns the old addage goes.
    nobody tells you where to go from there.
    I see whats grateful in you.
    Decisions have to be made.
    The worse part is the hardest earned.
    Back and forth the struggle consumes us all.
    Trying to keep a level head.
    In the most unsettling of times.
    Today I'll become the bull.
    There is so much at steak.
    I'll stumble I'll loose my place.
    Crowded in while surrounded by sin.
    Destiny takes its hold.
    Find it or let it go.
    But I choose how it ends we'll end.


    This small heart can get lonely.
    I lose myself inside myself.
    No one can touch you when you're outside staring in.
    Remove myself from this pride race.


    Today I'll become the bull
    ... orn wan kenobi
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    ... agama