1. 1.
    everybody exploding
    candy eater opens last sound kopmalık
    mugo swears our cigarette delicious
    i made this with empty head
    ramu defuse bomb for me in manisa
    or i will give you to torbacı
    this jobs not like this master
    no retry we call it riot ,
    get up brother lets do three five something ,
    i see in my dreams lets rob this bank ,
    lets go and get arrested , and do fight in jail ,
    this is adana boy its good baby ,
    go to the police and give ifade ,
    while we high lets go to police station ,
    pick up a chick for me i love it , three var five yok three yok five yok ,
    if someone see us they call he is buying torbaci ,
    if you smell it will speed up you ,
    with cigarette it will explode me up
    1 -1 ... opel corsa ben her turlu