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    psikolojik bakimdan tehlikeli bir muzige sahip, maniac'in dinleyeni bir sizofren gibi hissetmesine neden olacak sekilde vokalligini yaptigi mayhem parcasi. grand declaration of war albumunde yer alir.

    Christendom religion of pity god of the sick
    We have discovered our way we know the road
    We have found the way out of millennia of labyrinth
    Beyond the north, beyond the ice, beyond death
    There was a thunderstorm in our air
    The nature, which we are, grew dark
    All that proceeds from weakness we loathe
    We declare not peace but war
    We shall be unleashed now
    From darkness we create light
    Beware decaying humans
    For we shall destroy
    We are the way of millennium to come
    ... revolter00